Thursday, June 12, 2008

taking all sides, taking no sides

I support the boycott of Beijing Olympics because of China's treatment of Tibet, its censorship of Dalai Lama, and its countless non-compliance with humanitarian principles... but I live in the USA and partake in all the benefits of being a US citizen... benefits that are, in some way related to the fact that the USA is the only country to have used a weapon of mass destruction (not once, but twice!).

Do I really have the right to judge, to take a side? Is there any nation on earth that has not violated humanitarian rights? Does it not count if it was 50 years ago or a 100 years ago? Where, in time, is the line of judgment drawn?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

be yourself

The sign said "Be Yourself." So, I removed it.

Does that mean that I obeyed the sign in my attempt to "be myself" and rebel against the order :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


After consistently pouring water over nothing but plain brown soil for over a week, I was thrilled to finally see some green sprouts today. It's exciting to think that I can nourish tiny seeds into plump red serrano peppers and I'm tempted to make a correlation to all the other things in my life that strive for nourishment: relationships, passions, work...

Monday, May 05, 2008

whose shoes?

Driving into work today, I saw a taxi driver hastily taking out a passenger's luggage. He seemed to be quite stressed about doing this work as quickly as possible. For a second, I connected to his sense of urgency. Then, I connected to the needs of the passenger also who was probably late for a meeting.

In that instant, I entertained the thought of writing a short story about the passenger and the driver, about their point of views and how it could play out in a fictionally created conflict.

Then, I thought, oh, this is what's meant by the philosophy of connecting to the world around yourself, being able to put yourself in someone else' shoes, into alternate perspectives... ah, but then the connection is so momentary and shallow...

...but it's still a connection to the world.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

pushing the right buttons

I tried to open the new Listerine bottle. I tried twisting the cap, pulling it, pushing the sides, throwing my weight into the process…. Nothing worked.

This wasn't my first Listerine bottle. I've used hundreds of them before. But this one was different – they had changed the packaging. It wasn't a twist off like before.

Then I looked at the instructions, which told me to push the two buttons on the side. As soon as I did that, the cap came off without any effort.

This gave me food for thought. Isn't life like that sometimes? We push the wrong buttons; get frustrated, angry… wonder if we bought the wrong item (hooked up with the wrong guy, wrong company, wrong career, wrong shoes, wrong house, wrong car, wrong friends…).

When all we have to do it just push the right buttons… instead of imposing our pre-conceived notions, all we have to do is pay attention to the correct way, the right buttons, and, voila. No frustration, only results, getting what we want or need.

If only life was that easy…